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2020 and its bittersweet memories.


2020 drawing near to its end.

What can we say about it? Well, everybody hates 2020 that's for sure. With the pendemic, with the lockdown, with the new normal. It's not the year for everyone. To me too. If we could skip this year, probably everyone else would do it already.

It started good at the beginning. two months without any problems. People can walk out freely, meeting family... friends, going to holiday, working, hugging, even kissing... It just what we normally do. Life continues as what people expect. Everyone happy when we entered the new decade of the century.

Then the pendemic striked. What started in China, then became a worldwide problem. Many people died because of it. When it spread to Malaysia, we too felt the effect, greatly. We started to close our border, opened quarantine centers, then the government limit our movement, people could not go out easily, worked from home, and the introduction of the new normal. Anyone without a mask on their face became something that is morally wrong nowadays. And we distance ourselves; to our family, our friends, our neighbors, and our love one.

Don't start with the economy. We know how it ends up.

As for me, I don't really felt the change. I myself an introvert person. I only go out when I need to do something. So, even the lockdown was in effect, staying at home was just a normal thing to do. The only problem at that time was getting the food supply, but that was nothing big. I live alone, so going out to buy supply was a breeze. Even buying food was easy. The place where I always buy food offered delivery, so I didn't have to go out myself.

The only problem was going back to my hometown. For the longest period, I didn't come home since the pendemic started. The state border was closed, and there was no other way to travel. Not by air, by train, or public transport. Even by car, the highway was totally closed. And to make it worse, when Hari Raya Aidilfitri came, we were forced to celebrate it at out own home. No one could leave. We all felt devastated. 

About work. This was truly a unique time in my line of work. We never had a work-from-home situation before. I had to adjust to this new normal thing. But it was fun. Everytime it was my time to wfh, it was like having a day off. Woke up late, turned on the computer, but did nothing (unless there was an urgent matter). Then after two days, it was time to go back to the office (but still nothing to do), work for two days, and again another two days wfh. This continued along until the MCO was declared finished. I missed that wfh though.

Lets skip to current day...

It's now December. There is no lockdown anymore. But the government still limit out movement. Only that we can cross the state border and going home to our family. We have two days left to leave 2020. And we are more than happy to leave 2020's memories behind.

I had the opportunity to go back to my hometown. Alhamdulillah, my parents were all good and fine. And maybe this coming new year, I will go back again. I miss them so much.

To summarize 2020, there were nothing really big happened to me. My life was like usual. I didn't go out much even as for now, and spending time at home was just a bliss to me during the MCO. Lucky that I had a stable connection to the internet; on my phone or my pc, even my Playsations and android box. Life would never been easier.

To say the lease, I was grateful that the government declared the MCO just after my birthday. I had the chance to celebrate it with my closest people I love. If not, I would have only celebrated it at home alone, sad and lonely. :p

2020 is a difficult year to all of us. But this pendemic is not over yet. But still people treat it like it was over, and doing all sort of things that defy the SOP by the government. Please, do what is necessary to break the chain. We are not safe yet people.

All and all, I'm glad that 2020 is going to be over. I'm really looking foreword to 2021. I hope that it will give us more than what we had in 2020.

Be safe everyone! ^^

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