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Happy birthday Hejoi a.k.a @fezry86

Hey! It’s your birthday today!

Sorry I wish it a little bit late.

Came by to remember when I see the date,

and it looked kinda familiar.

It’s 18 April, 2014. And you are 28 now!


Happy 28th birthday! 

Warm feeling and full of joy!

That’s what I feel each time I remember you.

No one else can beat someone like you.

A brother to me,

A friend,

Someone that I can rely on.

Eventho there’s something mysterious about you,

that wouldn’t stop me from getting close.


Happy birthday Dong Saeng!

Happy birthday Hejoi!

May all your wish come true…

and may Allah bless each days of yours.


Lets celebrate… LIFE!



p/s : (^_________^)

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