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iPad not charging solved!



Hey Guys…


Just a quick update.


Actually I wanted to share,

this thing for quite a while,

but now I just remember to do so.


Since I got my iPad a while ago,

I noticed that I couldn’t charge,

my iPad through my pc(s)…


Dug around and I found the answer,

which was not so difficult,

and way too easy to understand.




The issue is simply that the iPad…

has heftier charging requirements than,

iPods and iPhones…

and some USB ports,

especially those on older computers,

and most USB hubs…

don’t provide enough power to charge…

the iPad during use.

That doesn’t mean lower-power USB ports,

can’t charge the iPad at all;

instead, whether they can charge the iPad’s battery…

and how quickly,

depends on how the iPad is being used…




So, how to solve this?


I used this solution…




Download that software,

sit back, and let the pc does the work.

Your iPad will be charged,

immediately after you’ve installed it.


Hope this will help…


p/s : (^__^) solved!

Catat Ulasan

2 Ulasan
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