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after serving so many hours,

my pc came to an end yesterday.



So, I guess,

it’s already time for me,

to construct a new one.

Not from scratch, but from leftover.

Because not all parts were broken,

still some of it can be used,



I think, I’m gonna take a break,

from online world for a while.

This pc thingy is one of the reason,

but the main reason is…

it’s kind of a good thing,

for me to go out and see the real world.



So, I’m gonna leave Twitter and FB,

for sometimes.

(but not for blogging)

I don’t know for how long,

but hoping this pc thingy won’t take,

much time…

If I have plenty of money,

I’ll be online soon enough…


Because I can construct,

the new pc in no time…



What about iPhone? Tab?

Yes… it too can access,

both Twitter and FB.

But hey… I said I want to take a break la.

Sukati la nak masuk ke idak…



Tak lah,

Saja je sebenarnya…

Kengkadang penat gak nak melayan…

memenda tu.

Ye lah, melayan hati dan perasaan,

asik kena brotherzone je (teeettt!!!),

penat tahu tak?




Kalo aku rajin, aku masuk la TL…

Kalo aku malas, tak der la kot kat sana.


So, aku nak buat calculation sekarang,

nak buat belanjawan…

berapa banyak duit nak kena spend,

untuk construct pc baru.

Lagi cepat aku buat,

lagi senang hati aku.



Later guys…




p/s : tengok poket!

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  1. take out calculator and start calculating
    good luck then haha

  2. @the Izudean Yup! Dah buat culculation dah. Tak sampai pon RM1k. Phewww... Since I'm not a pc gamer, spec yang tak tinggi ok la kot Wan...