21 Mac, 2013

Arefen Zaidin at Stylo

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Had the chance to visit,

Arefen Zaidin’s booth yesterday,

at ALoft hotel near KL Sentral.


He is currently having,

a booth sale of his fashion creation,

in conjunction with fashion week,

organized by ALoft hotel.

I did not quite catch,

the name of the event.

Stylo maybe?

But who cares right?

I am only interested to go,

to Arefen’s booth and meet him,

together with Achik.



At Arefen's Booth with Achik



Arefen was not around,

by the time I got there.

But hey… I got to meet Achik,

who is the personal assistant,

to Arefen.

Yey!!! \(^.^)/


Owh! I almost forgot.

Went there with Pyda.

We planned since Tuesday,

and carried out our plan yesterday.

Later, Amad and Reez_Rovers joined,

and followed by Reez_Iskandar.


Pyda, Amad and me at Stylo


Nothing much we could do there,

Since our arrival was late in the evening,

Hey, I gotta work rite?

I came soon after I finished working.

So, after looked around the booth,

and trying out the outfit (by Pyda),

I’m for sure could not try it.

It was made for woman,

So, I just looked at Pyda,

trying out but could not fit.



The ribbons was nice tho.



we just went for out a drink and chat.


Arefen's design

Arefen's design

Nice ribbons


For those who are interested,

to buy Arefen’s design,

you can go to:




or go to Arefen’s booth,

at ALoft hotel, 2nd floor.

If I’m not mistaken,

today is the last day.

Go now! Now! Now!…


With the hobbitses


p/s : I should have come sooner. Hahahaha…

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