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I need a vacation…

Although it is still in the beginning of the year,

(so to speak…),

I need my vacation so badly,

I can’t think of anything else.

Guess I am tired,

of doing the same routine,



Can’t wait to go to Kuching,

again in May.

Still have roughly 2 months ahead,

until the time.

I just bought the ticket,

and I’m going alone.




I fell in love with Kuching…

It was a year ago since I went there,

with my buddies…

Went to lot of places,

but couldn’t get enough of it.

That’s why I made my decision,

to go alone and explore more…


Invited couples of friend to join me,

but seemed that they didn’t have,

any intention to go…

But that’s okay with me…

Going alone will be adventurous enough for me.



apart of going alone,

I can meet Daniel again there.

I can say that this will be the return visit,

after he came here for his long vacation,

December last year.

So why not?


Really looking foreword,

to go to Kuching,

Perhaps I can go to Pasir Putih again,


How I wish!



p/s : saving my leave…

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Pak Tam berkata…
ad sesape le tu kat sana.. hehe
Tanpa Nama berkata…
mungkin boleh cuba Sabah
I'm in love with Sabah ^^
Ijann Hj. Marzuki berkata…
@Pak Tam tak der sapa pon Pak Tam oit. kawan je... hahaha...
Ijann Hj. Marzuki berkata…
@Wan Ahmad Izudean Mungkin hujung tahun ni kot akan ke Sabah. InsyaAllah... :)