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Les Miserables – 9/10



I love musicals,

Because I love to sing,

I may not have the best voice,

But at least,

That’s what we all love,

To do…

I saw a movie,

Les Miserables,


And I fell in love with it…

Love the songs,

Love the characters,

Love the plot.


But I fell in love,

With a character,

Named Eponine,

She may not be the main focus,

Of the movie,


Her story,

Was mesmerizing…


Maybe because,

I felt the same way too…


And having high hopes,

To the one person,

That I like the most.

But in the end,

Having troubles,

To express how I feel,

And getting hurt,

Till the end…


Only wanting happiness,

And joy,

To that one person.

Nothing less…

Seeing that one person,


And hoping/wanting that smile,

Is for me…

Only that,

The smile not for me…




Maybe Eponine and me,

Not so much different…



It was a good movie,

The song was good,

The actors and characters were good,

I particularly,

Hate period movie,

But this one can be excluded.

I give it 9 out of 10.

But for those,

Who hate musical,

And period movie,

Stay away…

But try anyway…




p/s : On my own…

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