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Over the Horizon

I’m not a Samsung phone user,
I don’t event fancy to use it,
I don’t know why,
But I still prefer iPhone,
To use for my daily task…

Over the horizon,
The default ringtone/theme song,
For Galaxy S3,
Caught my attention,
I think it’s the best piece,
Of music I ever heard,
For a phone.

Don’t listen,
To the one in the phone,
Listen to the one that I provided above,
It has been recomposed,
With an orchestra tune,
And the result was amazing.

I love orchestra,
Can’t deny it…

Funny thing is,
I made this song,
As my iPhone ringtone,
Tho not all of it made it,
As a whole song,
But it would do!
And I love it!

Ironic isn’t it?

The best phone song,
On my preferred device…

p/s : iPhone 5 that I want! LOL

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