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I don't want to think anymore!


I have this urge to write,


Something that I felt…

That I need to unload…


I had a long talk with my sister,

This evening.

She gave me a piece of her mind,

Something that really breaks my heart,

To hear.

But sooner or later,

I have to take,

With a great sorrow inside me…


She told me to let go,

She told me to let it be,

If I love my friendship,

With my best friend,

So she told me to let him go…

Let him be in his own world…

She told me that I had done my job,

That I had done my responsibility,

As a friend…

To understand,

To listen,

And to respond…

So, if he didn’t take it,

It was his choice…

Right from the beginning…


That was heart breaking moment,

For me to accept,

But she was telling the truth,

It was hard, yes I know,

But I could not change the facts,

That I did my part,

And he was maybe wrong…


What ever it was, it wasn’t my position,

To argue with your decision my friend

You wanted that, so I respect it…

You may have your own reasons

You may have your own thoughts,

What ever it was,

I do not want to know anymore…


I had enough my friend,

My dear, dear friend,

So, with a heavy heart,

I have to let you go,

With your own way…

I can only set you free,

But only you can find your own way…


But remember this,

I will always be there for you,

As a friend,

And I will always be…




p/s : Gegeh jumpa akak walaupun time demam…

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