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Hello again guys...

I'm updating using my Tablet,
So please excuse if...
There are any typos.

What the story?
Morning glory?
Tetiba jadi Oasis lak...
Never mind about that.
I'm just fooling around.

It was yesterday,
When we the IT personnel,
Realized something was wrong.
One of our IT staff,
Had gone missing.
We tried to call, 
We tried sending messages,
But none of it successful.
Our call was not being answered.

At first,
We thought that he took...
An emergency leave,
Because the other day,
He told us that his parents,
Were here in KL...
So nothing was being suspected,
During that time.

But after sometimes,
No calls were made by him,
So we took the liberty,
To call and ask him himself,
But none of it were successful.
So we being so suspicious...
And today,
He didn't came too...
That what made us do,
Our own investigation.

We checked his cubicle,
It was empty,
Except for the office property.
The touch and go card,
That being registered to his name,
Was also being neglected.
We were laughing so hard,
By that time...
We didn't see that coming!

I was laughing too...
I was laughing at the silliness,
Of the action taken by him.
It was hilarious,
Watching a guy with so much talent,
Absconded from a steady job,

I mean, come on...
I know you are still in probation,
But have you ever thought,
How much your boss,
Or should I say, ex-boss,
Has the decency,
To absorb you to be permanent?
Have you ever thought that,
In spite of the opportunities,
Given to you...
You just threw it away into the toilet?

It's normal for a newbie,
Like you being bully by your seniors,
Being the punching bag to their anger,
But it will go away by time,
As long you know your job,
And do  it responsibly.
Learn new  things,
And diligently add skills,
To it...  
Put some effort,
And slowly reaching to the top.
But you didn't...
You took the shortest way,
By absconded!
A coward way to quit!
Sorry to say,
I have no respect to it,
What so ever!


Masuk cara baik,

Keluar cara baik laaa…

Who am I to judge, 
You may have your own reasons,
And I don't want to know it.
It's your life,
You decide what's the best,
For your own self!

So tomorrow,
Will be the last day,
Before you are truly,
Being put into the absconded list,
By the HR.
Don't say we didn't try,
To tell you.

p/s  : Aku yang recommend ko keje, tapi ko campak tohi kat aku kan? Tapi aku tak simpan dalam hati. Mulut je jahat... (=__=!)

p/s/s : Kalo ko betul tak keje dah, bawak-bawak la ubah perangai tu kat tempat kerja baru... Tak de maknanya berperangai macam tu!

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