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IMG_1461 Kalo dah jog tiap petang tu,

Memang dah menjadi satu kemestian,

Untuk mendengar lagu.

Kalo idak,

Memang busan la,

Berjoging tu,

Dah la sengsorang…


Pilihan muzik aku,

Not as diversified,

As others…

As long that I can hear,


That won’t make me bored,



Well, at this age,

All I can hear,

Are the songs,

That really up to my taste,

90s, Alternatives and sometimes Jazz,

Fast beat music,

May well suit me,

But it depends…


Really into Bjork these days…



Some of my jogging playlist:


- Adam Lambert – Better than I know myself

- Bjork – Army of me

- Emily Browning – Sweet dream

- Hikki (Utada Hikaru) – Can you keep a secret

- Adele – Set fire to the rain

- Shakira – Shewolf

- Lady Gaga – Poker Face

- Bryan Adams – Can’t stop this thing we started


And some others…




I too listen to a mellow kind-a-shit,

Like Awie – Ukiran Jiwa,

And Ning Baizura – Penjara Kasih,

Which kinda awkward,

To listen to while jogging.


Rasa macam buat video klip lak,

Bila ngah lari tu…

But… Well… People do weird things right?


I gotta update the playlist tho…

Won’t be boring next time around!



p/s : So, what do you guys listen to while jogging?

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