08 Ogos, 2011

Rubik Oh Rubik!

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I'm officially gave up!
This rubik thingy,
Is damn hard for me!
No matter how hard I tried,
I could never,
Solved it...
Tried to turned it this way,
It jumbled up the other side...
And no matter how many times,
Ijat and Bard tried to teach me...
Then I became confused,
And started all over again!

Damn you Ijat,
For bringing this thing,
To GP,
Now I really feel...
Stupid for not being able,
To solved it!
I guess...
I don't have the talent,
For rubik solving,
As you!
Happy now?

But I was not the only one,
Who having difficulties,
In trying to solve the rubik,
Mak Ngah also had the same problem,
So I didn't really feel,
The regret about it.

And now...
I'm in my room,
With this damn rubik,
In my hand...
It's 2.30 am in the morning,
And tomorrow,
I have to come early,
To the office,
But I could not stop,
Trying hard to solve it.
I googled the web,
I searched the Youtube,
But to no prevail.
And I'm tired!

But I will keep on trying,
Until I can solve it.
To you Ijat!...
Damn you!

p/s : Now I have to fix my meal for sahur! Tomorrow will going to be a long day I tell you! (-_-!)
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