02 Ogos, 2011

Cooking time! :p

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Ok! First entry,

On Ramadhan.


I seldomly cook,

So, don’t know why…

I’m really into cooking today,

Maybe I seen,

The entry by Gurl,

Who fixed a sambal sardines,


In her blog.

Made me drooled really!



So, after came back,

From work,

I went to the supermarket,

And bought 2 cans of sardines,

Which I thought,

Would be a good meal,

For my sahur time.


So, okay la…

I fixed the sambal sardin,

Together with fried bean sprout,

And omelet.



This is the first time,

I fixed something for sahur.

Never done that before this,

Every sahur,

I bought something,

And eat it before went to bed.

I don’t usually wake up,

At 4 or 5 am in the morning,

Just to take sahur,

I just went to bed and wake up,

The next morning…



Kinda fun doing it.

Maybe I’ll do it…

Again some other time…



p/s : Maybe I’ll fix something more challenging next time! :p

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