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What do you do with it?

Froggy? My new avatar persona which I created to have it’s own character and voice. When I “become” Froggy, I can put some value into something which have so little value in money.


When I see Froggy, I see friendship. I see the joy moments I shared with my dearest friends, which I hope will last forever. The present which I got from them, I do cherish and keep it dear to my heart. No matter how much the cost of the present, even if it just only for RM25, to me it cost more than that. It is priceless. It is the jewel of many memories we gained.


So, how many of you get present from your friend? Many? Some? Little? What if the present you got from them a as little to none? Then what do you do with it? Keep it? Put it aside until it collect all the dust by time? Or you put it away in your keepsafe and then forget all about it. Well, I won’t… So that’s what happened to Froggy. I keep it alive, so that the memories remain fresh!


You can call me crazy! Call what ever you want! This is how I value my present. I keep it and I share it with others so that it will be loved too!



p/s : Eventhough I said you’re ugly, I still love you!

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