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Theme song of your life



**Pinjam tajuk dari Lee Culture jap. Jangan marah aaa… All credit goes to him!

Theme song of my life? I haven’t thought about it… But there’s one particular song that I love to hear from now and then. Maybe since my school era. Very nostalgic and meaning full. That song was from the movie “Casper” and sung by Jordan Hill. And that song was “Remember me this way”.


Here is the song that I can search from Youtube. Sorry I didn’t get the real clip, but the closest thing can be accepted. At last, after few moments, I managed to get the real video clip of that song. Seriously, this is the first time I watch it after all this years. Jordan Hill cute as ever. :D


It’s the song that important anyway… (^_^)



Enjoy the song lads!


p/s : Thanks Lee. Now I can remember back how good this song was.

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