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Ponyo - On The Cliff By The Sea

Man! I really love this movie. (I know I made an entry about this movie before this, but what the hell! I love it sooo much!) A typical heart warming movie from Ghibli Studio, which I really² love. Like the other Ghibli animations, this one is the best. Not that I’m saying that the other Ghibli movies are not, but this one really hit me at heart. The characters are cute, the story-telling is out of this world, and the music really put my ears at ease.

This movie is all about love. There are no bad characters and what really make it special to me is that everyone can enjoy it without hesitation. The tradition animation looks fluid and it look gorgeous if you watch it in high definition. I really recommend it to you guys if you have nothing to watch at the end of the week. Watch it with your friend, watch it with your kids… Watch it with your love one. It will warm your heart and fill your heart with good feeling. I know I did when I watch it! So, go! Watch it now!…

Miyazaki podewin! Hahaha…

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  1. what the hell la....hahahahah....(mngulang apa yang org lebih tua ckp)...hahhaah