04 Ogos, 2009

This little note is for you, and it's the last one!

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Let me just monologing for another while. Maybe for the last time on this particular thing. My heart is still aching and no remedy could heal it this instance. It could take time. It could take forever… But the one thing that breaking my heart, is the only thing that healing it, your smile. I just couldn’t forget how warm your smile to me. And how special your smile in my eyes…

I will move on... Soon! Because my journey is still long. And I will take all the time in this world for you to understand how to describe this feeling to you. You may not understand it… but I believe that soon you will. And my wasted heart will wait for you even it takes another 100 years. And whenever you feel that you are alone, and empty inside, feeling that you are not being loved, bear in mind that someone is still there, truthfully… still waiting, still loving and still thinking about you. And that someone is me… I will wait for you here… FOREVER. I swear !

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