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7 (+1) Terrifying Global Warming Pictures...

What global warming can do to us? So here are some of the pictures that I can share with you about what global warming can and will do to us if we do not do anything to prevent it! Stop global warming! - Ijann

Many people seem to have gotten a little comfortable with the concept of global warming. That's not to say anyone's alright with it—in fact, most people actively want to help fight climate change. But gone are the days when the concept of climate change first terrified the public as a kind of looming, inevitable apocalypse. And for the most part, that's a good thing. Instilling fear is no way to get anything done. But I worry that we've gotten a bit too complacent, too accepting.

So, I've rounded up 7 of the most terrifying photographic depictions of global warming around—because it could do us all a little good to get just a little nervous from time to time. Just to inspire us to work that much harder to avoid a potentially disastrous fate. After all, climate change really is some scary stuff.

Here's a huge waterfall spouting from the ice edge of Brasvell Glacier. No, glaciers in the Arctic aren't supposed to do that. Glacial waterfalls like this one have been erupting with alarming frequency in Arctic regions--and is as good an image as any to wrap this slide show with. After all, when centuries-old chunks of ice start melting in the Arctic, it's hard to deny we've got ourselves one hell of a problem.

Hurricanes aren't the only severe weather conditions that global warming stirs up—massive dust clouds like this one are becoming more frequent, and more violent, in regions like Southern Africa.

Global warming ad campaign? This one's terrifying for an entirely different reason—it demonstrates the unfortunate apathy much of our culture displays towards global warming. You might remember this picture from an ad campaign Diesel ran a couple years ago. The gist? Global warming's going to destroy life as we know it, but you'll still be able to hang out with babes and kick back in a badass pair of jeans, so why bother?

Glacier in Patagonia, Argentina 1928. Glacier in Patagonia, Argentina 2004. 76 years of climate change. Then, and now. Scary!!!

Thanks to growing marine dead zones that are caused by global warming, there's been a huge spike in dead sea life in recent years--and it often washes up on shore, providing us with an unsubtle reminder.

Hurricane Season. This horrifying scene is growing all too common: we can expect more and more hurricanes as climate change advances, especially in the Atlantic. This single grainy photo (which makes it even more difficult to look at) embodies some of the most palpable terrors of global warming--it could literally be responsible for destroying our homes.

Let's kick things off with one of the foremost symbols of global warming's frightening advance—the polar bear and its shrinking habitat. It's terrifying because the polar bear and its imperiled ecosystem give us a visible model by which to gauge the tangible impact of climate change. No charts or graphs here; just an ominous reminder that the polar bear's habitat is literally floating away. And that ours will follow suit.

This could be your city or even your home...

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p/s: This post taken from Treehugger.com

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