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Afro! Afro is the new FF fashion!

Wohooo... Afro is the new fashion for FF. Selama ni, semua character lelaki dalam FF semuanya berambut lurus ataupun spikey, macam Squall dan Cloud. But now, derang nak popularkan fesyen afro laks. Tak caya, tengok gambo bawah ni... Hehehehe... Character FFXIII terbaru yang bernama Sazh Kalzroy. Baru diperkenalkan semalam. Cool habes!

This is a bit of a shocker, and at the same time all kinds of awesome. For one, Tetsuya Nomura breaks out of his comfort zone and makes a pretty cool non-androgynous, non-spiky-haired character for us to look at. Second, this new character has been given a name ... and not just a silly code name; a real FF name. You may call the new playable cast member Sazh Kalzroy.

So far, we know a few things about Sazh. He likes the color green, wields two pistol-like weapons and has a soft spot for Chocobos. Something tells us by that smarmy look on his face that this gent is a ladies man a la Balthier (FFXII). He's a very interesting character indeed; see more of him in the full V-Jump scan.

FFXIII will going to be sooo interesting!

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