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Advent Children Complete in glorious 1080p...

Wow! Advent Children Complete is being release on BluRay in the glorious 1080p. I can't even imagine how clear the picture is going to be. Even when it was being released on DVD, the quality of the picture was superb!

Advent Children was announced about 1 and a half year ago in 2007 TGS (Tokyo Game Show), and now, the all famous Japanese game maker and publisher; Square Enix, has decided to upgrade this long loving epic of Final Fantasy VII sequel to an even higher standard. Bravo! Even looking at the new trailer was breathtaking. Everything looks new and good.

It was announced at 2007 TGS that Advent Children Complete would get an upgrade of its visual by adding some dirt and mud on the faces and clothing of the characters, but after revealing the trailer, Advent Children Complete will also get an additional 25 minutes of extra footage. Talking about long wait and wondering about when Advent Children Complete will be released, this additional footage will put all those feelings away. Buying Advent Children Complete will again reminiscence the feeling of buying the original Advent Children for the first time. Hehehehe...

So, the Japanese release will be on April 16, together with the demo of Final Fantasy XIII (I will not miss this!). Wohooo... Get your money ready guys!

p/s: Watch the trailer in full screen to get that 1080p feelings! Hehehe (^_-)v

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