14 Disember, 2008


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2 couples down... 1 more coming soon and the others would come, soon! I guess... Nothing beat this crap than again, being left out from the list. Felt like all alone again! But, I'm not complaining. That is the cycle of life...

I'm happy seeing my friends settled down and start their own family. Happy to see that they have found the perfect match. But on the other side of that, I felt something that I could not explain. Well maybe sad I guess. Don't know why, but seeing friends that always be there for you, having a drink, talk about life, fooling around and spend time together, but then all of sudden, they are not around anymore, probably buzy changing diaper or buzy thinking about what to cook for dinner tonight... Well I don't know, it made me always remember the good time when we together. They not there anymore. They're somewhere else, with thier new life... And I'm here, same old thing.

Pity isn't it?

Yesterday, I watched a movie. Probably the best movie of the year end. And I watched it alone. But my friends were not there to see it like the old time. And making lots of crappy comments after watching it. Haha... Bring back the good memory though. But sometimes, looking back and think about it, it really my fault actually. Maybe I love my friends too much and thougt that I have them for myself forever. Giving them my all and never think about myself. But I never regret that. They are my good friends of mine, in good or bad times.

Hmmm... Maybe that's why I spent so much time on games and online community, just to get rid of the free time I got. So that I won't think much about them when they not around, and seeing a new one. Maybe what a friend of mine told me a while ago was right. As a Malay proverb says, "patah tumbuh, hilang berganti". No pain, no gain... But, the old one was better.

But I'm happy. Forever happy. :)
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