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My body is exhausted! Why? I woke up at 6 am, went to work, did my job which did a lot of thinking infront of the screen, went back home, repair my friend's pc, then went down to GP and had my "break-fasting", went back home again to continue repairing the pc, got back to GP for my sahur and then again, continue repairing the pc until I done it. Then did some clean-up, and then on my way to dream land... well that was around 2.30 am, which I did not realized time passed by! 2.30 am to 6 am... Only 3 and half hour to get my sleep!

Then the routine continue... That is what happening lately! Not to complain, but I'm tired! Not enough sleep... Huhu...

No wonder Sunday is my "world sleeping day" for me!

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