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Apa dah jadik kat kamera aku?

I don't know what happened to my phone camera. It keeps on hanging and sometimes it doesn't save the pictures I snapped. This what happened to me this morning while I was at the office trying to snap the picture of the things I did.

What happened was it shot a distorted kind of picture. Looking thru it made me want to scream out loud. Kept me wanting new camera. (Susah jugak ek tak der kamera nih!) But what the hell, my phone camera all that I have.

But, one thing that made me stop and look again to the picture, it kinda cool having that kind of effect. So, I'm keeping it! Well! Guess after this, I better get a new camera that works!

Cool eh? Looks like tiny drops of water came down from above.

A double image of a fence!

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