05 Jun, 2008

Like a stone!

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Today, was not a lucky day for me! When I woke up this morning, I felt a sudden sharp pain on my right heel, and it made me hard to walk. Even getting a morning bath was a hardship. So, after getting ready to work, I went straight away to the car park and waited for my collegue. I don't want to remember how horrible the pain was during the journey from home to the office. All I could do was tahan as much as I could before I could see the MO.

So, I went down to A&E department, took my number and waited to be called. So, when my number came up, I went stright to the MO's room... limping! But before I could see the MO, a nurse took me for a blood pressure and tempreture. Everything was fine and good. And when I got the chance to see the MO, I told him about the pain. Well he didn't do anything at all. Just looked at my heel and then asked me wheather I fell or had a harsh activity before. I just shook my head for the answer. So he prescribed me a medicine and told me if the pain did not curb in three days, he would refer me to a specialist for further analysis... So, before that, I have to endured the pain, ang swollow dozen of pain killer and pills.

And the MO didn't give me any MC at all. How sweet!!!...

And what did I do the rest of the day? I sat at my place like a stone. Did not move an inch, except to the toilet of course. I didn't even go lunch so that my heel would have time to rest and heal itself. Man! I was so hopeless today!
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