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TTDBID Part 12

Lama dah aku tak update pasal TTDBID ni kan? Hehehehe... Bukannya apa. Aku tak ada masa nak tulis. Bila ada masa lak, aku terlupa. Mendanya dah ada, cuma nak bukak balik buku, tengok balik list then menaip benda ni. Cuma lately aku malas sikit nak menaip. Tengok ajer la post aku 2-3 hari ni. 2-3 baris jer yang aku tulis. Kemalasan melanda diri. Hehehehe...

Okay, my 12th edition to my TTDBID list is... to throw a big party (sort-of!) when I'm 30. Duh! I'm 30 already!... But at least this TTDBID is done already. One of the 50 list I made. So, 49 to go! Hehehehe...

Well, it wasn't big actually. But all I can say is that it was memorible enough. I celebrated it with all my close friends up there in Cameron Highland. We'd been discussing it for months before we could actually turned it into reality. So, not just I celebrated my birthday there, but I had a nice vacation with my dear and beloved friends.

Maybe after this, I should plan for another "big" party when I turn 40, or should I say the 15th 25th (25 yang ke 15). Hmmmm... Not bad actually! Hehehehe!

One down. 49 to go!

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