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Cam bodo jer!

First impression... Cam bodo jer rambut Goku tu. Tak besh langsung! Cuba la buat gaya Cloud ke, Zack ke... BAru la gempak sket. Tu dia buat macam apa jer...

But, tu just gambar teaser jer, mungkin pas ni rambut Goku dalam movie cambest kot... Who knows! Ni adalah apa yang ditulis dalam blog QJ mengenai movie ni:

Behold the juiciest piece of information we've encountered
so far on Dragonball. Boys and girls, feast your pretty little eyes on the photo on the right. It's the first ever shot of Son Goku from the Dragonball movie.

As you can see, real people are found on it. This simply means the whole movie adaptation is going to be one great live action movie. The promotional image was first spotted in Weekly Shonen Jump, which incidentally is also where the Dragonball manga originally appeared in.

So far, there's still little information and details on this upcoming film. Justin Chatwin from the movie War of the Worlds will be playing the lead role as Son Goku. Chow Yun-Fat will be playing Master Roshi.

As for the crew, James Wong from Final Destination will be the director and Stephen Chow from Shaolin Soccer will be the producer. That's about it for the movie. Well, enjoy the scan we've provided here. We promise to keep you guys updated with more news on this upcoming movie.

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