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Incapable of love...

Expect nothing from me,
For me incapable of love,
Please don't see through me,
For I am hollow,
I see myself through the mirror,
But none reflect yours,
I can't feel the wormith,
As the love being pass before me,
Seeing others with joy,
Only me that I can enjoy,
For me incapable of love...

The rain is falling,
Seems like forever to be wet,
The clouds are moving,
But none to reveal the light,
The sound of thunder in the sky,
But only the sound of my heart I can find,
I stand before the mirror,
I can see me stand,
The storm are there behind,
Never to be calm,
For me incapable of love...

Never expect anything,
The stone is me to be compared,
Crush me, carv me...
That is where I'll be stand,
Of being or be,

Love is not I'm gonna get,
For my heart is harden,
So incapable of love...


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