06 Februari, 2008

Owh! Shit!...

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Today, when I went to do my usual company visit at Damansara Jaya, something shitty happened to me... While I was walking on the sidewalk of the shop lots, and then trying to get down to the tarred road, my left foot slipped into a hole and it got twisted... Owh my God! That was the horrible thing to happend while I was far from home. My face all turn blue (I think) trying to hold the pain it caused.  I started limping and having a rough time to walk. And thank God there was no one looking at that time because I thought that wasn't a nice scene to be seen...

IT WAS AN AGONY!!! My normal walking was disrupted by the pain I was having... And I was terhincut² going to the company. And thank God that was the last company I was going! But my anony wasn't stop there. I got to go to Damansara Specialist Hospital to do something before going back to Ipoh for the holiday... And it was a time that I could not describe how much pain I had to endured until I get home... I was only holding back my tears because I was in public place and if it wasn't, I would shout like hell!!!

When I got home, I was looking at my left foot. I started to swollen... And blue...

Owh! Shit!...
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