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Back at last!

Well! Back at last! After spent my holidays at my hometown in Ipoh. Nothing that I can say while I've been away. Since my ankle still in bad shape, I could not go anywhere... Just sitting around and having a good time with Harry Potter and Astro remote control (which is boring!) Huhuhuhu...

Well, while I've been there, I managed to complete the last Harry Potter book which is 756 pages in total. I could finished it sooner but since I have to do other things, I completed the book an hour before I departered back to KL. My mom bising all the time since I spend all the time with the book and not talking to her. Sorry mak! Ni la masanya nak relaks! She also wondering what kind of story book that so thick (there were no books that thick like the one I read back there at home, all my novels I packed and brought back to KL). Memacam dia tanya, cemana aku boleh baca buku setebal tu. (^_^!)

Well! The translation was good though! Pelangi Publication did a very well translation, even my niece also tried to peek and read the book while I put it down. Maybe I should give the first book to her after all... And she can READ! My my! She really groown fast... She is a bright little girl! Only that she had no one at her surroundings so that she can learn more! If I were there, I could teach her Math! huhuhuhu... How poor she is in that particular subject!

So, selain dari aku menghabiskan masa membaca dari pagi sampai la malam, aku jadik burung hantu kemudiannya. Aku spend my night time menonton Discovery Channel, Discovery Science, History Channel, National Geographic and TVIQ including Animal Planet. Dari tengah malam sampai la pukul 4.00 pagi. Since the remote control only available to me after all my family already gone asleep. Itu ajelah channel yang bagi aku menarik minat. Memang channel ni je yang aku tengok bila balik kampung... Yang lain tak minat nak tengok!

Well! I did finish Harry Potter and I had nothing more to read. Hehehehe... But, since the journey back to KL was so tiresome, I did grab this book in the nearby petrol station. It calls "Cinta Tunggal" and a novel written by Ayour, one of the editor at GempakStarz. Tak boleh nak komen apa² pasal novel ni sebab aku belum baca lagi... But, all the comments on the book cover said it was good. So, I'm looking foreword to this book!

Haaaaa... My ankle a little bit okay now. I can walk home with smile! Lepas ni nak prepare pulak gambar² yang aku ambek masa balik kampung! Now, my kepala is spinning!... Huhuhuhu... (@_@)

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