04 Januari, 2008

Long and tiring journey...

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Like always, my work requires me to go out a lot. So, as for today, I was planning to go to Subang Jaya to send some bills over to this particular company. I was happy at first (actually, I was always happy going there!) and went out from office at 10.30 am...

I waited for the U63 bus to arrive at Bus Stand Klang and after waiting for sometimes, the bus came. I was the one to jump up to it and I sat down near to the window, at the back naturally. So the bus departed to Subang Jaya...

I was planning to sight seeing in the bus kununnya, but all hampeh at the end. Why? Because I was sleeping! I was sleeping all the way until the bus reached Sunway Pyramid. Luckly, I wasn't missed my stop. But, after I turun, mata pun berpinar la. Maklumlah baru bangun tidur! Hehehe...

The reason I'm writing this not to tell about I was sleeping in the bus, but to tell you how much my work consuming my energy and strength. Eventhough if I do have vehicles to go here and there, but putting yourself out from the office make you exhausted and worn out...

Strangely, the journey home back to KL, I wasn't the one sleeping, but the whole bus (except the driver of course!) What a long and tiring journey...
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