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List of  Japanese emoticon!

(^_^) Happy

(*^_^*) Blush

\(^o^)/ Wow

(>_<) Ouch

\(OoO)/ Gyaaaaa!!! Suprised

p(^_^)q Good luck

(T_T) Crying

(-_-)zzz Sleeping

(._.?) Don't understand

(^_^)v Victory/peace

(p_-) Magnifying glass

(^_^)// Clapping hands

(^_^)b Good one

(>_< )( >_<) Denying strongly

((((((^_^;) Leaving secretly

(@_@) Dizzy

m(_ _)m Sorry

( ^_^)_u~~ Have a tea

(^_-) Wink

o(^_-)O Punch

W(`0`)W Roaring in anger with mouth wide open

(^.^)/~~~ Bye

(;_;)/~~~ Bye bye 2

(-.-)y-.oO Smoking

(^_-)db(-_^) Promise

\(^o\)(/o^)/ Let's dance

(o|o) Ultraman

(=^.^=) Cat

~~~~~(m--)m Ghost

(^x^) My lips are sealed

There a many more. Only that you have to be keen on looking for them! Enjoy using Japanese emoticon!

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