16 Disember, 2007

I read that alright!

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I read that. I read that throughly... I read that just fine! Not that I angry or sad, only dissapointed. It should have not end that way. It should have end in a better way. End in a smile on the face. End with satisfaction in any way!

Yup! I read that just fine. I read that with bitter feeling in my heart. Felt like a big hole was just made using your finger poking heavily so that you could push me away. Not that it hurt so much, nooo... it was extreamly painful. Painful so much that I was left without much explaination. Not even a slightest reason... for the simplest question I've given you.

It was fine. Fine for you to did that. So that you will leave without much burdens on your shoulders, so you can leave in peace... Yeah! That probably the reason why you did it. But that burden of yours was for me to carry later. The burden of regret, loneliness, sadness... But I don't care much, because that burden I've carried a long time ago. You just put some more to it. But hey, I'm not complaining. I'm just me... Same old guy you knew long before.

Yup! I read that too! Someone else? Someone who will never be there for me as you were there? Some one that you thought will save my soul and get me far from hell? OR just lead me to it? Someone? Funny... Who that someone? I like to meet this someone.

It just sad. I want it to end in a cafe, end it in some fancy place whe we can enjoy feasting our eyes to whom ever cross in front of us. End it in Japan, end it with PlayStation in front of us; screaming and shouting about whose turn to get the controller. Even end it with Junior which will decide what the 3rd room will become; an AV room or kickboxing room... It will be nice to end it that way, me by the side holding your hand and begging you not to go... That will be nice, an ending to my little sad story! Maybe ours!

The best option is not ours to choose... Not me, not you, and I know you knew who... My best option is not to forget and not to be forgotten... Not! The sad part is, you've chosen one! And made me to forget, which left me with nothing to choose.

"Love you, is always!"

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