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Hardest thing to say is sorry.

Well, lot of things happened past few weeks. Actually it happened a lot longer than that. But keeping it little by little made things complicated. Now, it already became cancer among ourselves, and it ready to burst...

The hardest thing to say is sorry. I guess that is the best thing to describe what happened to one of the Jaquzee's member right now. Eventhough the mistake that already been done not too big, but the results of it caused another member something hard to swallow. But, all channells had been opened for apology, but nothing had been done.

Untuk mengaku satu kesilapan, bagi aku memanglah susah untuk dilakukan. Tetapi apabila kesilapan itu datangnya dari diri sendiri, tak salah sekiranya menelan ego yang ada dan mengaku. Sekurang²nya sebagai pengajaran agar tidak melakukan kesilapan yang sama pada masa² yang akan datang.

Well, sorry is the hardest thing to say, if you make it hard...

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