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Square Enix, Final Fantasy and Me

Apart from PlayStation, what the use of it if there is no Final Fantasy game in it. I really love that game, lot! First time I was introduced to Final Fantasy was the 8th series of it and the rest is love at first sight all over again. I love the epic story-telling and the cut-scene was so beautiful. Fall in love to the characters and adoring the antogonists (Sephiroth-sama... Aiya!!!)

Now and then, my friends labelled me as Final Fantasy Freak. My room filled with Tidus's angel poster (i.e. Yuna, Rikku and Paine), my pc wallpaper with Zack, my handphone with Cloud theme... Arghhh, eat FF, sleep FF, minum jer coca-cola. Hehe. My PSP filled with FF soundtracks, my dvd collection full with FF movie. Semua cukuplah! Memang FF mania la!

Banyak duit aku berabis untuk FF ni. Sanggup beli games original, beli collectible items, beli action figure. Semata² nak memuaskan nafsu FF aku. Hehehehe... My next project will be Cloud's bike "Fenrir" yang regenya mencecah RM400++. Adula! Rambang mata aku nih!!!

Dengan FF ni la aku mula mengenali dunia game. Kalau tak, nak pegang controller pun aku tak reti. If I'm not mistaken, before I started playing FF, the last game that I played was Mario and Contra. And that way before PlayStation. NES kalo aku tak silap. Tu pun pinjam orang. But after FF, sanggup tu berabis duit beli PS, GBA, PS2, PSP, NDS, PS3... Semata² nak mengikuti perkembangan FF nih.

What to do, some fantasy are not meant to last!

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