01 November, 2013

November Rain

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November comes…



Hi all.

Having a great time I presume?

Good for you.

But too bad,

November is here.

And it’s raining season.

Just remember to bring your umbrella,

close to you.


Who knows?


So, what kind of story should I tell today?


there was something,

in the back of my head,

that I would like to tell,

but it just slipped out from my mind,

and I…

Urghhh… forget it! LOL!

No exciting stories from me… yet!



Been reading something over the net,

that really caught my attention.

Nothing that sensational,

only something that I can tell one word to it…



See the picture below:



ku-xlarge (1)


That phenomenon is called Lunar Halo.

Happened near the town of Sirkka, in the Finnish lapland.

I do not know how it happened,

but I can quote:

It's a lunar halo combined with a full parhelic circle, two sundogs and a 120 parhelion, which you can see in the beautiful photo below (it's the glowing spot aligned with the parhelic circle.)

These types of events rarely happen together—the sun light needs to refract on millions of suspended hexagonal ice crystals under special meteorological conditions. Only on very rare occasions they all happen under the moon light.

Beautiful things happened,

around the world…


And yet…

I’m still here going nowhere.




Oh! One more thing!

I found a video by Anna Kendrick,

on Vevo, of Cups.

Yeah! That song. That jolly little song,

has its own MV now.

And it’s also a charming little video.


Enjoy now!



Don’t forget your umbrella guys,

It’s getting dark outside.

The rain eventually gonna fall.


Be safe guys…

Later… (^__^)/


p/s : when I’m gone, when I’m gone…

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