06 Julai, 2013

Upgrading Plans…

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Hello guys.

Haven’t made any updates,

for any entry lately.

I’m quite busy…

and sometimes,

I don’t even have time of my own.

Got tons of work to be done.

That perhaps I’ll tell you guys,



But as for now…

I will tell you guys,

about my plans to makeover,

my room.


It’s not a big room.

And since I’m renting,

nothing much that I can do,

to make it better.


This 12 feet x 11 feet master bedroom,

is really tight of an apartment,

that’s not really big.

I have a lot of things in my possession,

and since I want to keep them all,

the function of my room,

is rather hectic.


Been thinking to makeover the room,

has been playing on my mind,

since I started working at home.

Tight space for me to do work,

limit my creativity,

and sometimes giving me uncomfortable…

pain on my back.


So I came up with a plan…

something like this:




The only problem with this plan,

that it didn’t follow the right,


It got all the specs that it has,

but rather lacking in the real thing.


Perhaps that it got all the spaces…

that I don’t have.


So I scrapped the design,

and then redo it with the right,



So now…

it looks like this…







The plan was to create,

a bedroom + working + entertainment area,

in this very tight space of mine.

And I wanted to give it a little more space,

so that I can move around.


Not like the current one where…

little space I have…

with this gigantic bed,

king size actually…

that I use only little space to sleep.


Plus, after redesigning with the right measurement,

the budget for the room,

is now really been cut down,

since no other furniture is needed,

to occupy the space,

that I don’t have.


I hope that I can realize this makeover,

really soon.

I got fed up with my current room,

now actually.

So, looking foreword to have this,

room soon.




p/s : perhaps I should buy a house instead.

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