14 Mac, 2012

I just want to run!

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I've been obsessed with running lately,
Spent my evening,
At Titiwangsa...
Sometimes alone,
And sometimes accompanied by friends,
Did not matter,
If it was raining...
Or hot as hell,
All I wanted was to run...

Don't know why I did that,
It was like,
When I went for my run,
I could forget,
What had been accumulated in my head,
And concentrated on my breath,
And hearing my own heart... beating,
Until I could not run anymore...

I could clear my head,
From all those that matter,
What I thought was matter to me,
Which was not to some,
(Owh God! How stupid I was...
What came over me?)
Just want to forget,
Even for a moment,
And that would be great!

At first,
I wanted to run,
Because I wanted to slim down a bit,
But now,
Running became,
Something that I had to do,
For my sake,
For my survival,
For my LIFE...

Well I guess,
I'd run,
Until I can run...
No more!

p/s : But I will always forever be the Budak Domok... That will not change!

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