25 Mac, 2012

2 more books! Yey!


Contact and The Lost Symbol.



2 more books…

To my collection!


*Money register’s sound at the book store*


The last book I read,

Was a week ago.

So, I needed new materials,

So today,

After woke up from sleep,

Early in the morning…

Tweeted a bit,

And then I rushed to KLCC…

To Kinokuniya.


I browsed a little,

And I found a new book,

From Dan Brown…

The continuity from the last part,

(I think?!),

The Lost Symbol.

Read a little bit synopsis,

At the back of the book,

Looked at the price,

And I was hooked!

I gotta buy this one…

It was cheap actually,

So why not? 

Said my head!…

So, I bought it!


Then, I browsed a little bit,

At the “popular science” section,

Just to see if there any books,

By Michio Kaku,

Which I haven’t read yet,

And it was there…

But unfortunately,

The price was way out of my league.

Perhaps later…

My heart was sobbing!



But then,

Before I put down Michio Kaku’s book…

Back to the shelf,

Way up there,

Was a book…

That I was looking,

For sooo damn long…

A book by the late Carl Sagan.



My heart was racing at that time.


So, I took out the book,

Turn its back,

And saw the price…


It was more cheaper than,

Dan Brown’s…



So, without further ado,

I went to the counter,

And paid for the 2 books…

And it was wayyy cheap!

Me gusta!

Me loike!

Me happy!

Inzal sekejap!


Finally, I got the book,

I always wanted to read…

And it was there right in my arm…




I can’t wait to read it!

But which one should I read first?…


Any idea?




p/s : Micheal Chricton’s Micro so damn expensive!

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2 ulasan:

Wanie Jjang berkata...

wah ijan beli gak yg the lost symbol tu... :D nmpk ijan tweet psl buku tu kt twitter.. hehe have fun reading! ^^

Ijann Hj. Marzuki berkata...

Hahaha... sangat murah, rasa berdosa kalo tak beli. hehe...


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