29 Oktober, 2011

All that still remains…

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Jaquezeean activities,

Have been slowed down,

Due to all members,

Doing their own things…

All that remains,

Are only Ijat, Bard and me.

Gather together at night (mostly),

And play Uno.


4 of us... 


Not just 3 of us,

One more person,

Been joining us,


At first, he was only,

Watching us play,

And studying all the moves,

And the function of each card,

Until he was ready,

To join us and,

Put our experiences,

To shame…


Well! He’s good enough,

To make us,

Swear all the bad words…

Out from our mouth!

And smile like a weasel!



Game on! 

Well! At least,

I got something to do,

Than staying alone,

Doing nothing,

In my room!…




p/s : Uno + Japanesepod101. Killing 2 birds with one stone!

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