14 Jun, 2008

News that tasteful!

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Tadi aku baru saja membaca sesuatu di PS3.QJ tentang controller PS3. Aku baru jer bercadang nak beli controller Dualshock 3, tapi entah cemana, aku seolah² dah hilang minat nak beli controller tu. So, apa jenis controller yang derang maksudkan? Meh kita baca artikel tuh!

A month ago we mentioned a rumor about Sony developing its own awesome transforming, motion-sensitive controller - and now the rumor seems to be shaping up into reality. The internet rumor mill has it that this mysterious PS3 controller can "break apart" into two separate components, each outfitted with an accelerometer that will enable motion-sensitivity.

However, there are also some reports going around that this certain "break apart" design isn't entirely the case. An anonymous source informed Kotaku that the core of the controller is a small device that is intended to be attached to the player's body, and works in conjunction with other devices. You could say it's like motion-controllers worn on the hands or even the feet, perhaps.

Of course, Sony hasn't responded to any questions or inquiries concerning this tidbit, but we may very well expect an official announcement - including solid facts about this mysterious controller - in the upcoming E3 event. Expect updates as they come!

Alamak! Besh betol. Harap derang market menda nih secepat mungkin, kalau betul la!!!
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