05 Jun, 2008

MySpace no more?

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I've been thinking of shutting down my page in MySpace. Since it's no longer active and I can see that MySpace no longer doing its purposes to me. As for me, MySpace is now out-dated and no more fun logging into it. If you ask me what gives more satisfaction, my answer would be forum and of course, blogging.

Well, I used to log on to MySpace just to browse on interesting people and hoping that they will add me into their list. This also apply to the rest of us. The more cuter they would be, the more chance we want to add them to your list, and waiting for them to reply your every messages and comments. But only hope remained my friend!

All they want was to add number to their friends list and look how popular they become. And surely, the more cuter, the more demand to be added to the list and to show how popular they were in there. As for me, this is not the right way of getting new friends. What's the point being added to the list but no conversation made. Yeah! You probably got the first reply right away saying, "Thanks for adding into your list" and then they shut up and never reply your message again eventhough you sent dozens of message and comments. I got tired of it. Were you?

Well, my golden time in MySpace probably came to the end. Well, I haven't decided yet to close the account or what. Maybe I stay low and be inactive like I've never been there before. Hehe...
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