05 Mac, 2008

Versus Theme song...

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Despite of all songs I've posted in my blog, only this song that really relfect me emotionally and physically. And truely, that is what I'm feeling right now!

Something happened today, that I really did not expect it to be. And I did not have the answer for the statement nor the question that had been given to me. Truly I'm in blue... I felt so much blessed yet happy to be given so much joy that to me, as I could say "a dream come true" for what I've been looking all this time. But in the same time, I felt so much depressed, and sad, and angry... dissappointed. And being given the apportunity to feel of hate and disgust... and somewhat lucky in some other angle.

Gosh! I really did not know what to answer or to respond. I was speechless. I was clueless... I... I...

The song is ready for your disposal on the right column of this blog. Enjoy Versus Theme song while listerning to my feeling!
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