12 Januari, 2008


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"TTDBID"... What is it actually? Maybe a normal abbrevation for some, and maybe some already know what TTDBID means. But for me, it is something important to me...

I tell you what TTDBID means then it gets to part 50.

But, for part 1, here it is...

Having a blog is TTDBID for me. This is what I wanted to do since I got myself an internet connection right at the comfort of my room. No need to go out, cramping myself in a crowded cafe, or having someone you don't know shoulder reading at your behind...

Irritated by someone who watching what you write, what you read or even what you browse. Or even listerning to every litle things you talk everytime you use the YM live chat. I hate all that and that what made me to have my own internet connection at home. Private and confidential. I can do what ever I wanted when I go online. I can be who ever I wanted to be, and look at what ever I wanted to see... Hehehe! Sounds a little bit kinky right? (^_-)

So, long time ago, I always wanted to have my own website (which I did), but as time goes by, it's not releven anymore. A personal website is outdated, and having a blog is what people do right now. And I'm doing it right now.

I can post my own thoughts, I can say what ever I want, even I can tell you things that I want to. So much I can do by using a blog and not by personal website which static and dull.

Only one thing remain, how long I can keep this blog? But at least it is TTDBID to me. Heee...
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