19 Disember, 2007

No goodbye!

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I went to Gurl blogspace and she wrote something about me there, which made me cry. Here what she wrote:

I'm happy tht my beloved oopa has moved on . \(^_^)/

still remember the 1st time i met him...both of us were excited... at tht time our plan didnt go well coz he is working tht nite. but the point is meeting him.. not bout jalan jalan or fancy fancy thing.

we chit chatting and exchange stories til 10 pm. but i had to go since i need to catch the commuter back to subang. but i will always remember the smile on his face when he saw me.all our dates was simple but nice...

we had the pasar malam nite...the hunt for psp games nite ekekeke and i still can't forget how monyok he is when he can't find psp game ( pirated ones). but strange thing is..we never went out for movie dates...

the reason i had to end it is not for others to know. but all i know he will always be the one i love. even though he already met someone else. or who knows even if i met someone else..nothing compares to my beloved oopa.and there is no one can beat him. coz he is special in his own way. oopa is my love, my brother,my bestfriend.
he was there when i smile..he was with me when i cry...he laugh with me...he even join me bitching about people we dont like.he even tell me stories about green apples and red apples heheh. and ya im going to miss him a lot.

I'd like to dedicate the video i posted before. a clip from final fantasy x...a song by utada hikaru..entitled first love to my beloved oopa, even though there is an original video clip for this song, i prefer to put the final fantasy version since oopa love final fantasy so much.

saranghee yo oopa. may you find the love and happiness u longed for.

Maznizan Marzuki...i will love u always.

That was the raining season for me, which for me a hardest moment in my life... so far. But I can accept the choice she made and for her to wanting me to move on with my life. If that what made her happy, I will do anything. As what was being told to me before, "if you love her, let her go...".

My best friend, my sister, my motivator... and my lover. She is my Gurl!

As for me, there is no goodbye, only we parted for a moment for us to see our own destiny! I will never say goodbye... Ever!

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