23 Disember, 2007

New year resolution?

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Hehehehe... Time for me to renew my resolution, so-to-called. Heh heh heh! This year resolutions 2007, part of it still not yet archieved, but I'm still looking forword to do it. Slowly but in pace. Although it didn't go as planned, but it slowly taking shape, just like I wanted it to be.

So! Let's review my resolution, for 2008. So called.

- Completely stop smoking? (Duh! But, as to date I managed to slow down a bit, from one box a day to 2 or 3 sticks a day.
- Buy a treadmill. Hahaha... Since I haven't got any more time left to go jog like it used to be, so that I can jog even at home! :p
- Get a soulmate? No comment on this. Haha...
- Spend more time with my family. This I cannot say, but I will do it anyhow. Lately, I've been thinking that I got far away from my family. I didn't get much time for them. I go back to my hometome occasionally, I called them when I got free time, I talked to my brothers rarely... Kinda miss them a lot. Especially both my baby brothers. Mak and Abah also! (T_T)

That are parts of the new year resolution that I can tell here. The rests are too private to published here. So... Looking foreword to this bright new year!


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