08 Disember, 2007

From Pahang with ... ?

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As the title applies, love may comes in every turn and corner, if you know how to look! But in this case, I do not know either it's love or not. Life became much more a place of loneliness if there's no one to love or beloved. I had that feeling once or twice and I can say that it sometimes suck. Suck so much you want to end it with your life... Sane is the savior!

As from Pahang, perhaps it may become something that I can enjoy and like. As from Pahang, I hope that it will become thing that I can remember for the rest of my life. So much to tell but little time given to me...

As life becomes more and more complex then my previous year, and much more spent on things that I have never thought before, and when life became much more buzy and exhausting, it left boredome in a little space in my heart. Which can consume me little by little...

From Pahang, give me a hand if I can ask from you... :)

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Sorry guys! If you're looking for an informative blog, this is not it. This is my turf, my place to say my shit. But thanks for coming anyway! (^__^)


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