23 Oktober, 2007


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Here is something that I read yesterday that quite shoking, to me...

"Oct. 20 - British author J.K. Rowling has 'outed' one of the main characters of her best-selling Harry Potter series.

She told fans in New York that the wizard Albus Dumbledore, head of Hogwarts school, is gay. Speaking at Carnegie Hall in her first U.S. tour in seven years, Rowling confirmed what some fans had always suspected - that she "always thought Dumbledore was gay."

Well, Albus Dumbledore is always my favourite character, but the news yesterday that I read a little bit shoking and suprizing me. I knew that he was a brave, loving and a brilliant wizard of all time, but putting him out of the closet gave me a hard time to believe.

But as far as I am concerned, if he hadn't any crushed on Harry, that's okay... Hahaha... Too old for Harry anyway.
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